We have accommodations at two camps. Placement of hunters will depend on availability and deer population. Unless you prefer a specific camp then please let us know and we will see what we can work out.

Meetos CAMP-

Meetos Camp is the main original camp. Accommodation is a 1650 square foot, seven bedroom cabin. It gives you all the comforts of home while hunting in our northern Saskatchewan wilderness. It is located on 320 acres of privately owned Saskatchewan forest with a small creek running through it. We can accommodate 5 people a week there.

Green Lake Camp-

Green Lake Camp is the “NEW” camp. The brand new lodge is Lake Front on the south end of Green Lake. Amazing views. Very private and remote. Truly good for the soul. Located right in the heart of the forest. Accommodation is a 1600 square foot, 5 bedroom cabin. It as well gives you all the comforts of home living. We can accommodate up to 6 people a week there.

Green Lake Camp