Most people don’t ask enough questions though. For example, a question I am often asked is “What is your success rate?” This is an important question to ask when looking for the outfitter you will book with, but other questions need to follow to fully understand how the success rate can be compromised. One being “Is there a fine for shooting a deer under a certain size?” If the answer to this question is yes, the Outfitters success rate will be lower.

Another question, “What is your repeat clientele rate?” is equally important because an Outfitter with a high repeat clientele often has hunters holding out for a large deer, and this will also affect the success rate score.

I believe the best thing to do is write your questions down, and really think them out to make sure there aren’t other question you should be asking. Also when they’re written down you can jot the outfitters reply down as you go.

I’ll try to address questions like these in FAQ.

How big is your outfitting area?

It is approximately 80,000 acres.

What city do I fly into?

You fly into Saskatoon.

How do we get from Saskatoon to your camp?

An Elusive team member will pick you up at your hotel Sunday morning and then drive to camp.

What are your stands like?

We prefer using open tree stands. They’re more versatile and easier to conceal. The stands have a 2′ x 3′ platform with a formed fiberglass swivel seat. They have a shooting rail and we help conceal them with camouflage netting. They are accessed by construction extension ladders. We also have some ground blinds for cold weather hunting and for people who can’t climb up into a tree stand. We have heaters if it gets too cold.

Do you use bait?

Yes. In Saskatchewan it is legal to use bait when hunting Whitetail deer.

What is your area’s deer habitat like?

Our outfitting area is in Wildlife Management Zone 67. Zone 67 has some of the Provincial forests’ highest Deer density because it has some of the best dear habitat.
The forest is a mixed wood forest. The soft wood areas give the deer thermal cover during the winter, and reduced snow depth which allows bedding and ease of movement. The hard woods are better for for feeding in. The soils in these forests produce mineral rich vegetation essential for large antler development. I have some farm land forest fringe, and the logging done in our area produces some good browsing for the deer.

Can I bring alcohol?

Alcohol is welcome in camp, as long as it doesn’t interfere with other hunters.

How much should I tip my Guide?

Guide tip average is 7% to 12% of hunt price. Like any tip, you give what you feel is right. A guide that goes out his way to make your trip a good one hopes that your gratitude (tip) will reflect that.
I hope I have answered you Questions: You are very important to us. We’ve put a lot of pride and effort into our work so, as a serious trophy hunter, you will have the most enjoyable, memorable and successful hunt we can give. We consider ourselves to be one of the most professional camps in Saskatchewan. See you soon!!

Do you have a fine for shooting a deer under a certain size?

No. I feel you have the right to decide what your happy with, not me.

What is your repeat clientele rate?

Our repeat clientele rate is usually 70% to 80%. Our longest being 20 years.

What is your average success rate?

Our average success rate is 80% to 90%. As with the previous two questions other factors can compromise the rate, which is a reflection of what the hunters are willing to harvest.

How much do the Deer weigh?

??Average weight is around 250 pounds, some weighing as much as 300 pounds.

What caliber of rifle do I need to bring?

I suggest that you bring the rifle you are used to using. Most of the shots taken are within 50 yards. If you have a choice of rifle, 30.06, 7mm. or 300 are good because of their knock down power.

What is the weather like?

The normal daytime temperature during the hunting season is 25 degrees F. during the day and 10 degrees F. at night.

Temperatures can, however, range from as warm as 45 degrees F. during the day to as low a -20 degrees F., so come prepared for the extremes. Some of our best deer movement is in colder weather so you don’t want to be sitting at camp just because it’s cold!

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How long is the season? We hunt the last week of October (Archery & Muzzle Loader) and five weeks of November into December (Rifle, Archery, Muzzle Loader).

What is the best week to come? We put a lot of time and effort into our stand sites, and we hunt different ones at different times of the season. Some work better pre rut, some better post rut, and so on. By doing this we have good success through out the season. Therefore, the best week is the one you prefer and which suites your work schedule.

When is the peak of the rut? The 3rd week of November.